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Cactus Umpires Website

This web site is a work in progress…always will be. There are three menu buttons at the top with general information.
But the good stuff - the Umpire Stuff - is accessed by the many links below. There are articles, books, pictures, video, puzzles, cartoons, mechanics… - you name it. If it has to do with fast pitch umpiring, it'll probably find its way here eventually.

Look around. Spend some time. Explore. There are identical quick menus at the top and at the bottom of every page to help you navigate. There's a breadcrumb trail on every page so you know where you are and can get back to where you were. ENJOY!
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Triple Crown Tournament
Triple Crown Sports is hosting a Youth Tournament in conjunction with the 2020 NCAA Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma City, OK. Tournament games will be played Saturday, May 30 - Monday, June 1, 2020 starting at 8:00 AM daily and ending around 5:00-6:00 PM giving you enough time to catch the evening sessions at the WCWS. This is a great venue to meet and work with other College umpires from coast to coast and catch the WCWS live at the Hall of Fame Stadium.

To sign up & more information
Listen to this - Umpire Song
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Confrontations, Outs, Logos…

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Fun Stuff
Cartoons, heckles, puzzles...

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Legal or Illegal?
Take a look at these throwers and decide whether they are legal. Pay attention to where their throwing arm is in various stages of the delivery.

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Food for thought for umpires

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Tutorials - Information - Documents
How-To, Why-To, Ways to Think About

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Good Reads
Here are some books and stuff you will enjoy reading.

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Fitness & Health

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We don't really 'do' rules here…but you have to so something about them is included. The only codes we deal with are ASA, NFHS & NCAA.

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Browse through the video below. Betcha find something you will ENJOY!
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All video pages are a Work In Progress.
I have many more videos to edit and add and I will no doubt get some brand new ones. When they get posted depends on how busy I want to be.

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This site does not claim to be an authority and does not speak officially for any of the softball codes.

So why bother with this site?
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I am only responsible for what I say…
not for what you understand